Wednesday, October 8, 2008

flip clock

so this is apparently a shot of the new Blackberry Storm dubbed as the latest in a line of iPhone killers. i want one mostly because of the above shot. i have this screensaver for a computer here at work and i love it. it's almost a natural thing, yet somehow not obvious, to make the alarm mode manifest itself in such a way. it's certainly better than the current iteration of "alarm mode" on most of the phones i have been using for alarm clocks over the years.

it seems pretty capable from shots online and spec sheets but i don't have any real experience with the blackberry OS. i will soon since i am now a blackberry user. i lost my phone on my NYC trip and had to scramble to buy a cheap used phone on ebay. speaking of which... i hope to be able to cobble together some pictures from others posting them online and give a little summary of the trip. i'll make sure to include the retarded losing my phone story.  

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