Thursday, April 30, 2009


Ok so i have never seen Halloween, and while working on this i was without internet, so i kinda freelanced it from memory. Not TOO far off... though i made the mask a lot more loose than it would normally be. I really like how it ended up though, and you'll have to pardon the excessive use of "grunge" style brushes for background. I can still pull my Illustrator n00b card on that.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Any X-Men fans read this blog? Anyway this is my favorite mutant.

p.s. go read this really badass article written by Irvine Welsh.

"The Fictions of Misogyny"


I am not a big "jewelry" guy... it's all a bit much for my taste, and far too many people cart it around on themselves like a big neon sign for the rest of us. Just so we can tell how important/wealthy/cool/fantastic they might be. Sometimes though, it is really awesome... here is an instance of such.

go click on the pic and read the rest of the post at Design in Central and Eastern Europe.


This is why Pablo Picasso is a superior human being. Cut from different cloth as they sometimes say.


I am not one to be prone to hyperbole... but this is essentially the coolest car EVER.

Just click on the picture above to see more at CitroenNet. I can't decide what the most awesome part of this car could be. It is so fantastic it could never see the light of actual production, and exists now as a marvelous dream floating out there in the atmosphere of shared creative conscious. It is a buoy for drifting artists and designers with it's unique and singular existence.

via Boing Boing Gadgets.

Godzilla commits suicide by Shintaro Kago.

This is the most "safe" of the suicide cartoons i could show. It is also amazing.

Familiarize yourself with Kago if you are unaware.

many thanks to blog Same Hat(!) for all the links.

Friday, April 24, 2009


DC Comics sells ipod media docks now???

Ok not really. This is a media dock by the fantastically named company, "Digital Cowboy."

Nice "homage" to the redesigned DC Logo. At least someone out there likes it.


Ok so Auto-Tune (for those not in the know) is a magic device that makes ppl sing better. It was created by a guy who was working on a seismic exploration tool. Cher hit it big thanks to Auto-Tune and her fantastic jam Believe. T-Pain (whoever that is) is only successful because of it. Most recently Kanye West ripped off T-Pain's schtick and released a whole album of Auto-Tune R/B jamz.

All that... fairly pedestrian usage. Auto-Tune has now been used to make the news interesting. It is totally sweet.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Someone requested i work the Orioles logo in the same style as an Octopus i posted recently (see above). Here is the result.

I am sort of toying w/ the idea of doing this for more major league logos. Might be a fun side project. Thoughts?


Preface: Never been to Cleveland.

That said, watch this impeccably made tourism video:

My ideas of Cleveland are mostly verified by this video. It is also hilarious. The "douchebag" line gets me everytime.

That's Catchy...

Did you know Frank Lloyd Wright had a mistress? Sure there were like 5 or 50... but did you know one of them was killed with an axe? This could be the craziest Frank Lloyd Wright story i have ever heard. Not that there are really any barn-burners in his story archives aside from this...

Go read the story at Boing Boing and marvel at how weird it is.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Ax Murders


This is what they are billing "the world's first and only motor-powered, artificially intelligent prosthesis for above-knee amputees."

All i can read is "the first step in making Ghost in the Shell real."

Seriously. I was endlessly mocked by my friends for that flick, but ho ho! who is laughing now jerks? Just wait for a future of barely dressed lithe robo heroines and total badass dudes composed of mostly electronics and bravado. My future is soon to be now.

Oh right there is some kind of press release with boring details about how awesome this thing is.

"Next generation of the POWER KNEE in early release at Walter Reed Army medical center"

story via Engadget

"Fluorescent puppy"

Ok, so this is Ruppy. Ruppy is a transgenic dog, meaning his DNA was blended with another creature. Ruppy glows in the dark.

You really should go read this article.

Fluorescent Puppy is World's First Transgenic Dog

Again, this dog is clearly adorable... but it GLOWS. IN. THE. DARK.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Monday, April 20, 2009


Combining my love of Charles Barkley and a new internet meme i was unaware of:

also one more for good measure:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just FYI:

Your business card sucks.

“Man’s greatest fear is not being inadequate, but powerful beyond measure”

Friday, April 3, 2009


i am going to start eating my cereal this way: