Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chinese Democracy

[15:32] flyingovertrout: also Chinese Democracy has a release date!
[15:33] flyingovertrout: i didnt hear about this
[15:33] xxxx: i heard!
[15:33] xxxx: i am going to avoid that album like a bum with jesus phamphlets
[15:35] flyingovertrout: ha ha ha ha
[15:36] flyingovertrout: i will listen to a preview track on itunes
[15:36] flyingovertrout: i don't even get why they are releasing it
[15:36] flyingovertrout: it seems like it would do them more good to just sit on it
[15:36] flyingovertrout: like some mythical beast
[15:36] flyingovertrout: instead of trotting out a horse with a horn glued to it's forehead

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