Friday, October 10, 2008

the lizard people NWO...

so do YOU know about the New World Order conspiracy involving lizard people from space, concentration camps far underground and a capstone for a building that doubles as a beacon for the lizard people mothership? oh did i mention that the lizard people are shape shifters and include our own current president (maybe that isn't so far fetched)? anyway this all revolves around the Denver International Airport and several mysterious clues and stories.  

i read about all this a little more than a year ago and it totally blew my mind.  that a conspiracy this amazing actually exists and is rather popular is so fantastic and ridiculous.  i saw some blip about Obama being the head of some world shattering New World Order that would destroy everything good conservatives believe in and it reminded me of this.  i've thusly produced the link to what is now my favorite conspiracy theory for you to enjoy.  you owe it to yourself to read this.

"Many of these Internet speculators believe that DIA is linked via underground tunnels to nearby conspiratorial hotbeds such as NORAD and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. But some also believe that the conspiracy stretches from the airport to controversial Colorado tragedies such as Columbine. (A few even posit that those students may have been consumed by aliens.) One 1998 article posted on managed to connect the DIA conspiracy to JonBenét and the Denver Broncos. Reached by phone at his home in Las Vegas, the site's creator, Robert Sterling, admits that the best conspiracy theories often necessitate dizzying leaps of logic, demonstrated by a kind of free-association exercise he calls "the conspiracy game."

DIA Conspiracies Take Off...

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