Wednesday, November 26, 2008


have you ever seen a sexier Nintendo DS player? LOL

p.s. that IS a chicken leg screen cleaner accessory.

Monday, November 24, 2008


there isn't much to say about this video really... i mean it's gotta be circa 85 and the Bears rap video... but it's just so prefectly Skins. very tame, very family friendly, and seriously how awesome is Darrel Green in this?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

so i took some time out from Animal Crossing to whip up a couple drawings to donate for a friends benefit this weekend in Dallas. here is the flyer:

if you are available you should attend (and tell all your friends), plus i will have some drawings up to check out. click on the link below to see the drawings!

it's all for a great cause! i have low expectations for selling anything, but you know. it might happen.

Friday, November 21, 2008


"Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and husband Pete Wentz welcomed a son Thursday night, PEOPLE confirms. Bronx Mowgli Wentz weighed 7 lbs., 11 oz., and was 20 1/2 inches long."

There is only really one thing to say in regards to this nonsense. IT IS YOUR CHILD NOT A DOG OR CAT.


this is not some future shock troop helmet, and it is not a LucasArts mock-up for some prequel trooper helms. this is what French dudes fight fires in.

how sweet looking is that thing? the gold plated face shield is nuts, and i am a little sad that i couldn't find a picture of one in action. as it is i had to hack a pdf from some manufacturing company and print-screen it. totally saving this for my clippings file for inspiration when drawing random sci-fi crap. i love it's blend of old style helmets and new tech. so sweet. that shield looks like it's styled after the armor you can see at the Metropolitan Museum.

the helmets are made by MSA Gallet.

Come On...

it's things like this that make me really hate PC products, which i have always used. seeing something like this, i have a hard time believing it's not a joke. after the reality sets in, you can see why people would want to switch to another OS.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

So Blue....

this is the new dash preview for Honda's Prius killer, the Insight.  aside from looking totally awesome it features a program that judges and reviews your driving habits for their eco friendliness.  

oh and the real bonus... a USB aux port. 

Burning Love...

awesome calendar idea. i have to admit my inner 14 year old does love to burn a match... plus this is much better than those awful page a day calendars where you just throw the page away. well that and this is designed about 500 times better.  

OK What?!

so the King from Burger King is wrapped up in a new promotion where he or his minions are dropping wallets in Burger King parking lots filled with money, a BK card, and the King's FL license. i haven't eaten Burger King for quite a few years because i had my fill of .99 Whoppers throughout high school. once they axed that promotion i had very little interest in returning.

go to So Good for the full details on the lost wallet promotion.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Looking for Me?


they had some blurb on the MSN homepage about the 15 most wanted people and i was browsing the list just for the heck of it and i get to Raymond's page. well this is all pretty standard until it gets to the different aliases used by Raymond and the number one alias is ROBOCOP. wow. the dude goes by Robocop!

only someone who is a total badass can go by such a moniker and he appears to be pretty tough based on his AMW profile. Raymond was a gun runner and weapons smuggler for drug cartels until he was busted by the ATF. he escaped a supermax prision in Puerto Rico, and has even sworn vengeance on the ATF agent who sent him away. how perfect. you aren't officially a villain until you've sworn vengeance against someone.

Wot's Fer Lunch Mom?

so back in the 70s a bunch of really serious kids who took themselves pretty seriously, as teenagers do, started a revolution! they started up bands and preached about anarchy and nihilism and they did crazy things and wore crazier things.

punk was a slap in the face to the British establishment and it was an instant hit. you all know that story though. what you MAY not know is that during that time there was a band that forgot to take themselves seriously, and for this never quite hit it as big as the others.

"Like many of their contemporaries, The Shapes were amongst the first wave of bands that formed in the wake of the Great Swearing Incident of 1977. Whilst having the satisfying by product of terminating the career of the rather oily Bill Grundy, and launching that of those lovable moptops the Sex Pistols, it's quite hard to see in retrospect quite why hearing the word "fuck" would send an entire country into a paroxsym of self loathing and have questions asked in the House of Commons, as one could hear this same fine piece of Anglo Saxon just about everywhere one went in Britain."
go read their history, which is long, but incredibly funny and smart just like their music is. they also have a myspace page which has songs on it for you to hear and enjoy.



look at that... so new and shiny. i have to say i am not thrilled with the logo, but i do really like the font they are going with.

p.s. the crazy Russians have had their photoshop fun with the new Logo.

It's Green Too!

so this is pretty much the best garage ever.

i love the green color. the garage really succeeds for me because it's so incredibly simple, but really blends form and function into one. it's just a wood frame with polycarbonate panels and a green roof. it doesn't try to do too much, which is where it really works. i am finding myself more and more drawn to architecture like i prefer my food, simple, clean and to the point. click on the pic above to go to the Sunset article with more pics.

story via  AT.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

watch as they stress test an airplane wing. it gets good around 1:58, and when the thing breaks it is AWESOME. my inner 13 year old jumped for joy at the sights.

courtesy of Boing Boing Gadgets.


OK i don't know what is more scary about this commercial... the freakish death mask, the blinking lights of doom on said mask, or the garish music. this can't be real. this can't be real. this can't be real. OH WAIT IT IS. Rejuvenique


so i have been keeping up with a few recruiting and staffing blogs for some work related projects, and wow. you are looking at either really dull or really out of touch and akward. this is like your "funny" dad blogging or something. plus it seems that a lot of the folks blogging about recruiting and staffing seem to have their own reality going that fits their business model only.

Find more videos like this on

this is about recruiting and this dude is EMBARASSING. how out of touch can someone actually be?? Launched his website on a 2.0 trajectory? GROAN.

Monday, November 17, 2008


"I had low expectations for the National Con going in, but the "event" we attended on Friday and Saturday managed to come in on the HOF charts as the worst convention I've ever had the displeasure to sit through."

this is but the glorious opening sentence of a note perfect rant about the disastrous state of a specific comic book convention. this does however carry over to quite a few other comic book conventions. the rant is courtesy of Evan Dorkin who is a rant-master, and it's just so well done. go read it now.


from a Very Small Array, a breakdown state by state of where the bulk of Missed Connections come from. i am very proud to live in a state where the most MCs come from HOOTERS. reminds me of that South Park episode where they so famously lampoon what a huge scam places like that are.

I Will Own This One Day...

a time lapse video of the year long process involved in what is now the greatest painting EVER.

painting by Robert Burden.

Friday, November 14, 2008


i found a job, i hope my wife is ready to move again.

Forming Apprentice Wheat Ridge, CO MillerCoors
Continuously improves and maintains the Individual Section (I.S.) Machine as well as runs on or above target level of productivity.
Maintaining includes functions such as swabbing mold equipment, inspecting containers, preventing defects, changing equipment and maintaining housekeeping.
Actively participates in timely shift communications between inspection, tooling, machine repair, etc. and informs upkeep’s and management of any process problems.
Assists in the replacement of variable equipment on the I.S. Machine when new parts are needed, such as hangers, baffles, blowheads, invert arms etc.

Required education: A high school diploma or GED is required.
Able to work in a high-pressure production environment.
Ability to work in a self managed team environment desireable.
1 to 2 years working with High Speed Machinery. (whatever this can't be that important)
Written and Oral Communication skills a must.
for 22 bucks an hour i'll go work in a beer factory. i can't smell!


yes, this toy is freaking GOLD PLATED. it's the worlds most akward looking robot, outdoing even some of the freakish 70s robots. apparently ol' Gold Lightan was a show around 81 in Japan featuring a robot from another dimension who helps a kid fight evil. his disguise while on earth? how about a GOLD PLATED LIGHTER? awesome.

i mean you can't make this sort of thing up.

click on the pic to check out the rest of the series at Collection DX. my favorite place to go slobber over robot toys. they have a great in depth unboxing of this toy, which features some of the most over the top ridiculous toy packaging ever. not that you'd expect any less from a robot toy plated with 18k gold.


so you're looking at what amounts to veggie soup flavored jello. it looks so awesome, but i can't imagine myself ever wanting to eat it. aspic has a long proud tradition of being totally gross, and i just don't get it's purpose. it was a huge luxury item on rich people's buffet tables for a long time, and it seems like a pretty extravagant dish, and also really really gross considering it's like meat jello. i mean if that concept isn't at least a little gross to you, what is your problem really?

Thursday, November 13, 2008


totally slammed today at work, but a ton of just awesome stuff, so i'll borrow a page from countless blogs and toss out a bunch of links you need to visit and one or two AWESOME pictures that you need to see.
carefully study this picture, and when you notice that the forks are hooked up to a plug you can click on the picture and go see how some crazy Russians cook hot dogs this way. features LED lights to check doneness.


a dude in a bar watching a (heavy metal) karaoke performance was so upset with the performer that he attacked him and the band. WHO'S MORE METAL NOW! p.s. the song was Holy Diver. (lol)

kid interviews Biden, declares Biden is his homeboy. awesome!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Had to Post This:

"I started out as a journalist," Palin says. "It's that important to me that that cornerstone of our democracy is given the credence and credibility that it deserves. But we have to have a two-way street here going where reporters are fair, objective, non-biased.

a journalist! LOL


No Your Dreams are not Coming True...

so Fox, the bastion of culture and art, is making a reality show that is basically Punked, but it features criminals as the targets. 
“It is a reverse Punk’d,” says Fox President of Alternative Entertainment Mike Darnell. “Instead of the worst day of your life and then a joke at the end, this is the reverse. This is the best day of your life, and then we arrest you.”
"Darnell envisions the show as an hour-long format. It was shot without a host, but would have someone providing narration."
who on Earth would watch a show like this for an hour? seems like their intended audience doesn't have the sort of attention span to make it through that much show.

go read the article and marvel at some of their other brilliant ideas.

story courtesy of the Agitator.


so for whatever reason i have been cobbling together a compilation of some of my favorite anime themes. "Nerd City!" you might be thinking... but well my tastes trend more towards the early stuff, mostly 60s and 70s giant robot stuff for the most part. i mean if someone turns into a huge being of some sort then it's cool with me. anyway the old beat rock meets sci-fi intros and some of the 70s disco europop style themes are totally some of my favorites. i hope to soon get enough together that i like and assemble them into CD form and whip up some sort of fancy vessel to put them in and send them out to people who want them! so let me know if you'd be interested!

totally illegal i know, but none of this stuff is being imported to America AT ALL, and it's impossible to find legally, so whatever. this is a gray area like a lot of the manga torrenters who are putting the good stuff online rather than the tween targeted BS.

here are a few videos to close out video theme day (not on purpose, but i'll run with that). call it a preview!

love the chorus on this one:

Jeeg, which is embedded below is particularly freaking weird. love the giant robot head, it reminds me of Zardoz.

Three Words:

Baby Pygmy Hippo:


ok so this is a euro commercial for a VW Minivan that parks itself via that latest trend in luxury cars that do things for you! sounds sort of boring, but it features Knight Rider music and a "cool German dude"... totally worth a watch.

click on the pic for the video!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tsk Tsk

so i will that i think Roger Moore is the second best of the Bonds (pre-Craig). i certainly liked him better than Dalton and marginally better than ol Pierce. yes his Bond movies were hokey as all get out, and he totally pimps an AMC and STILL beds two chicks! 

but you know... whatever i grew up watching them etc etc.

so the original point of this post is that Roger Moore totally "tut-tutted" the new Bond flicks, which i suppose is not all that surprising. in this interview at Yahoo Movies he talks about being in the Bond movies and his distaste for violence. apparently he was shot in the leg with a BB Gun and he's since sworn off violence! well that and he's a fancy British dude, and they rarely let things get to fisticuffs. on the topic of violent Bond he had this to say about a scene where he threatens to break a babe's arm in Man with the Golden Gun:

"That sort of characterization didn't sit well with me, but Guy was keen to make my Bond a little more ruthless. I suggested my Bond would have charmed the information out of her by bedding her first. My Bond was a lover and a giggler, but I went along with Guy."
now i found this interesting because i ALWAYS remembered that scene as being TOTALLY weird and completely non-sequitor for his Bond movies, even as a kid. it's funny to hear him talk about it that way. it makes that part make a LOT more sense. that one burst of violence was always so intense and in your face because the dude was always joking and hitting on women the rest of the movie.

Who Knew!

Bush can do origami, Putin balloon animals, and Ahmadinejad crochets!


interesting article from the NY Times about a town in CA that is 90% underwater on home mortgages. that's freaking staggering. check out the article: 

A Town Drowns in Debt as Home Values Plunge

what really caught me though about this article is this one quote:
He has cut his DVD buying from 50 a month to perhaps one, and is waiting until the Christmas sales to buy a high-definition television. He does not indulge much anymore in his hobbies of scuba diving and flying. “Best to wait for a better price, or do without,” Mr. Rogers, 52, said.
what on earth is someone doing buying 50 DVD's a MONTH? i'd suggest Netflix, but i think if you are buying that many DVD's a month there's got to be something the matter with you, and Netflix wouldn't make any sense as a reasonable suggestion.   how do you even get to the point where it makes sense to BUY 50 DVD's a month? you cannot possibly rewatch every DVD you own enough to make it fiscally make sense.  it doesn't even make sense on some sort of emotional, fun fiscally irresponsible shopping spree sort of way either!  there are not enough good movies out there to warrant buying that many a month.  the dude has to be watching a lot of bad horror movies and action flicks.  he probably has a hardcore porn habit.

Take That Kiwi

ok so you need to go to this site, and watch the video embedded at the bottom. it's super tiny, but you'll get the idea. it's this totally simple and completely obvious way to peel a kiwi that i have never heard of. it looks so easy and it's easily 100 times easier than any other way i have heard to peel a kiwi. i know this is a pressing matter for a LOT of people who might read this entry.

A Nifty Trick: How To Peel and Cut Kiwi Fruit

I Would Buy That...

so some of the major US swilleries have been producing aluminum bottles, and after having consumed swill out of them i have to say i was not totally put off by the packaging. taking a cue, not likely from the US beer manufacturers, a French company is packaging single servings of wine in aluminum bottles.

i have to say i am sort of into this idea. a good percentage of French wines are better than their US counterparts, including the low end ones. this has a lot to do with Europeans having a slightly more demanding palates and requiring slightly more out of their bargain basement drinks. at 4 dollars a pop it's not bad, especially because i just can't ever see myself cracking a bottle of wine and finishing it in one night. most preservation methods just don't seem to really keep it as good as the first time, and i usually just forget about the bottle in the fridge. i am pretty non-plussed with the package design itself, but it has that vague modern aesthetic that will appeal to people who drive hybrids and go hiking.

i would order some online, but i can't ship booze to TX. what a state!



apparently real:

story at Cryptomundo.


best home entrance EVER:

story and more pics at Apt Therapy.

Monday, November 10, 2008


(the related thread from has been shut down. there is more info behind the cut!)

when your girlfriend is not attractive do NOT, i repeat, DO NOT plaster her pictures all over a message board on the internet. someone will find it, then tell their friends, who will tell others. the tsunami of mean will not even be offset by videos of Maru the Cat.


p.s. i love the dog in this picture.

ok so has shut down the mean. BUT the target of the internet bullying "Ellie" has responded with a defiant blog post on Myspace.

beware though, her myspace profile features the christian rock band the Newsboys. go without your sound. it is really unfortunate this thread was taken down, there have been some AMAZING animated gif files.


i feel like the above image is the luxury super car equivalent of the Theisman Leg Snap.

god it is horrifying to look at it. check out Jalopnik for the full story.


OK so this is Maru the Scottish Fold. he has a blog and is a huge fan of cramming himself into boxes which happen to be much too small, and then kinda chilling with his head shoved in them. when he does this his legs happen to be splayed out which is basically the most awesome looking kitty pose EVER.

original post about Maru came from Susannah Breslin for Boing Boing. i've embedded more videos below the cut... GO WATCH.

tiny luxury loft living

ok so this is a cat house. it's pretty awesome, even including tiny little modern art paintings. go check out the rest of the set at the creator's website: Leo Kempf Design


some doodles from the other day at work.

Friday, November 7, 2008


time to leave work... and i am betting i'll be too busy to post on Monday due to a huge ol project i need to wrap up. BUT at least this weekend i get to look forward to bday festivities and Wizard World Texas. i'll be hauling along my Nikon FT2 to snap some pics and i wish i had found some time to buy some 120 film so i could take some pics with my Diana.

will show off some of those pics as soon as i get the film processed next week. so you've got that to look forward to.

now one final WTF story before i check out:

Honda factories are starting to implement these crazy ROBOT leg assistant things to help their workers who spend a lot of time on their feet or crouching. this is totally nuts, and you should go read the press-release over at Jalopnik. it's a small slice of the future today!


picture credit goes to fabulous illustrator Zina Saunders. go check out her site, she has a ton of really great political drawings and a ton of other good stuff. really cool style.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good Call...

so there is a mystical suburb of Atlanta called Conyers, and in this magic land they didn't find last night's presidential campaign all that important. in fact it is stuck below stories about the local sheriff and a dog attack.

the full page is behind the cut...

story/pic courtesy of The Smoking Gun.

Sub Conscious Pollination

so comics artist/writer Rick Veitch has been hosting a page a day this week from some of his Rare Bit dream comics. it's a really cool look at some one page dream bits that get you thinking and offer a quick glimpse into his subconscious. there's a great page featuring Alan Moore, and a brief Dick Tracy cameo. plus his blog is frequently updated with awesome stuff all the time. he's definitely an unappreciated giant in the field.

click on the above image to head to his site to see more.

Great Idea...

but the execution is the really fantastic part. click on the pic to see the walk-through. i wish i had welding skills.

WOOOO! Obama!

all i could think last night when Obama gave his awesome speech was that i couldn't be more proud to have a President that represents the best of America, not the worst. i look forward to 4 years of speeches that are not train wrecks. speeches filled with sentences and grammar, not chock full o' colloquialisms.

ANYWAY go to The Beat and check out her awesome rundown of fictional African American Presidents in all their glory. Dennis Haysbert is a personal fav, but big ups to the 5th Element president.

click on the pic for the rest.


we have all wanted to run away at least once, and i am sure that desire increases exponentially when your parents dump you at a "bootcamp" school for troubled youths. go read this awesome news story. funniest thing i've read today.

Teen Compacted In Wis. Garbage Truck, Survives

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Healthy Candy!

we all have seen the studies that show that eating chocolate in reasonable amounts can be good for you. well one company has gone one step further. Barry-Callebaut, the world's largest chocolate manufacturer, has created some sort of mystical chocolate product that lowers cholesterol even more than regular ol' cocoa can.

to the press release:
Hans Vriens, Chief Innovation Officer at Barry Callebaut: “ACTICOA™ chocolate is the only chocolate in the world that contains so many cocoa flavanols. The unique production process of ACTICOA™ preserves the very best from the cocoa bean. Dark ACTICOA™ chocolate, for instance, contains three times as many antioxidants (cocoa flavanols) as standard dark chocolate. A small portion of 17g ACTICOA™ chocolate contains all the flavanols you need to maintain a healthy blood pressure. ACTICOA™ lets you look after your health in the most delicious way possible.”

now according to a Hershey press release (circa 2007), they have partnered with Barry-Callebaut to be supplied with 80,000 Tons of chocolate per year. Barry Callebaut will also be partnering, "on a wide range of research and development activities with a focus on driving innovation in new chocolate taste experiences, premium chocolate, health and wellness, ingredient research and optimization." according to the Hershey press release Barry-Callebaut's Social Responsibility program in order to facilitate a sustainable bean sourcing and cocoa trade.

so with Barry-Callebaut announcing this super cholesterol fighting chocolate, and their entwinement with Hershey, how long until we start getting commercials for this chocolate that is over the counter cholesterol medication?? so much for those cheerio commercials that show the dad eating cheerio's to lower his cholesterol, now he just has to eat chocolate bars!

any bets on if ACTICOA has the chalky bland chocolate styling of a Hershey bar? i'll stick with my good chocolate for the time being.


WFMU has a new music post up about things to check out. one of the bands is Dead Western which i went to their myspace to check out after deciding the description sounded pretty good.

i have to say, often times i go to myspace and just find myself totally non-enthused about what i find. this time though, a pleasant surprise!

the vocals are totally strange. WFMU described them as alien, but i didn't quite hear that. i tend to hate "alien" vocals. i really can't get into stuff like Devendra Barnhart or Joanna Newsom. it just doesn't interest me, and i find it offputting. i'll totally go for a weird voice, i mean i love Roison Murphy of Moloko. she has this totally weird voice that sounds really different, but she isn't forcing the point, it's her voice without additions.

anyway this is veering off the point.

the singers voice of Dead Western is really awesome. to me, he sounds like Boris Karloff the indie singer. best way i can describe it, and maybe that'll make sense when you listen to it. the music has this haunting quality to it, but i find it to be sort of sweet in a way. it wouldn't be a stretch to call the tracks i listened to sparse... but i really liked listening to them. it's slow, but there are definitely times i am looking for a chilled out indie rock type band to listen to while focusing on something or to have on in the background. some music like this can be pretty overindulgent and it gets a bit too reflective and plodding. i find that these tracks i heard really did strike a pretty good balance. anyway it's worth a listen, and i'll embed a youtube from the bands myspace page.


so in case you weren't aware, Guitar Hero whipped up some new commercials with celebrities playing Guitar Hero. these ads are recreations of the well known Risky Business underwear lip sync. one ad features several pro athletes and the second features Heidi Klum in her underwear.

now this all seems pretty self explanatory, and to most people i would think these ads make sense on some level, and it's pretty obvious that they are parodies/homages to the original bit.

now let's turn to the blog Wiifanboy for some commentary on their posting about said ads... first the original post:

"When we were flipping around the channels and caught our first glimpse at the above Guitar Hero: World Tour commercial, we cringed at just how bad the whole thing was. With Kobe's terrible lip-syncing and A-Rod's inability to look like he has any rhythm, the whole thing came off as very forced to us. Kobe has probably never even heard of Bob Seger.

Past the break, you'll find the newest Guitar Hero: World Tour ad, which features Heidi Klum. What do supermodels do when playing Guitar Hero: World Tour? Apparently, they strip then have an epileptic seizure on the couch."

my favorite reactions!

11-04-2008 @ 12:38PM
Scotty said...
No one makes me want to play guitar quite like pro athletes.

Maybe they should use Eddie Van Halen to sell me a sports drink next.

11-04-2008 @ 12:43PM
Suichimo said...
The top video where they are playing "Old Time Rock and Roll" is a parody of a scene from one of Tom Cruise's movies where he is dancing to the same song:

11-04-2008 @ 12:56PM
Kai Cherry said...
Yeah, obviously the demographic for this commercial (and, really, the Wii I'm starting to believe) is NOT NWiifanboy bloggers.

Every *old* person I showed this to (this being defined as in High School durning the 1980' opposed to born then) cracked up laughing :)

i love it when nerds miss the point. also lol@ the old people comment. "man those crazy old people and their laughing at stupid things!" how did these people miss the culture train so badly? how can you just totally miss the point of something like this? weird.


when i am this age i hope i look this good:

this picture is courtesy of the awesome blog Advanced Style that documents the more experienced and their sweet fashion choices. it's like reliving that moment when you see a totally awesome old person out on the streets dressed to the nines and think, man i hope i look that good when i am that age.

This Makes Sense...

so i was thinking about how i'd eat more hard boiled eggs if the process involved more steps than it already does to cook them, and if they came in different shapes.

well thankfully Japan has resolved all lingering issues:

image and information courtesy of Bento Delights!