Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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"A man made a field and planted potatoes. A possum came and ate them all. The man and his brother saw that the possum had eaten all the potatoes. It was sitting in a tree. They pursued it, killed it, and ate it. They put the bones of the possum in the river and then went home. They slept for two nights, and wehn they came back they saw that the possum's bones had developed eyes, ears and legs, like a man. They went home again and slept two more nights. Then they returned and looked at the possum. He was now a real man. The possum-man came out of the water and made himself a bow and arrow. He stood by the river. They saw him disappear into the water. One of the men went home and told his wife about it. She made a grass belt and grass bracelets for the possum-man. They went down to the river to look for him. There was no possum-man. A large tree had arisen in the place where he had disappeared. A strange sound came from the tree, like the song of many birds. The man cut the tree down with a stone axe. He then cut a big hole in the tree. Men and women came out of the tree. He chopped off some more of the tree, and more men and women came out. They were all singing. All the women wanted a man. They each caught hold of a man and said: 'This man is mine.' They man who had cut down the tree gave them each a name and told them where to go and live. They all sang as they went off through the long grass. They built huts. The women became pregnant and gave birth to children. They grew up- and here we all are."

Jens Bjerre - The Last Cannibals 

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