Monday, October 13, 2008

blinky... only deadlier and with less eyes.

photo courtesy of The Courier Mail

so according to locals, and a tv biologist, there are giant mutant fish feeding on humans in the water along the India-Nepal border. now these fish are not to be confused with crocodiles according to the TV biologist who is sure it is the local fish.

named the Goonch, this local fish is mutating and growing into it's oversize form by feeding on the flesh of human bodies dumped into the water according to local custom. first the body is burned in a pyre, then dumped in the river where it will coincidentally become fish food. 

so the Goonch, after establishing a taste for DEAD human flesh, is moving on to live human flesh. basically it's a giant, mutant, killer catfish-esque beast. it has described by one local as an "elongated pig"(!!) so beware when you are in the water. there is no telling what lurks in the depths.  

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