Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Media BIAS

ok so people are prattling on about the "liberal media-bias" and how unfair it is for poor ol' McCain and his evil harpy VP.

whatever i mean it's obvious there will be some imbalance when creative types tend to run most entertainment and media outlets and creative types tend to lean left. it's old news and it's boring. now with that out of the way...

i just finished reading this stupid Yahoo News article about how Barry's TV Infomercial plan might backfire. ok, you are right, i was totally suckered in by a sensationalist headline.

so i read it and the crux of it is that it can potentially be viewed as overkill by the watching audience, and that Obama has a tendency to "go big" which is apparently bad. i can't process this as an issue though because as a liberal, un-american terrorist i don't understand why him being able to attract a crowd of 80K to his nomination rally was a bad thing.

"In July, Obama’s visits to Afghanistan and Iraq generated comforting images of the senator with military leaders and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. But his trip ended in Berlin with an image of 200,000 fans, mostly Europeans, chanting Obama’s name.
In August, his campaign navigated the minefield of the Democratic Party’s feuding families to pull off a convention that began healing the wounds between the Clinton and Obama camps. Then it came to its conclusion between two Greek columns where a triumphant Obama delivered an acceptance speech to a football stadium crowd of more than 80,000."

why shouldn't the leader of the USA have some sort of charisma and likeability that draws people to him? oh he's a good speaker? he uses sentences and manages to talk without using an entire lexicon of slang? he's a good motivator and gives people optimism? so this is all bad?

also on that note why on earth would we NOT want someone who is popular abroad? seems like our current leadership has done us no favors with our "friends" on the other side of the pond. i'd like to travel Europe and not have to worry about being hassled because of our countries leadership.

"A better parallel to Obama’s strategy could be independent candidate H. Ross Perot, who aired 15 infomercials in the 1992 presidential campaign."

OK now THIS is a reason against Obama doing TV ads... PEROT did it. certainly didn't work in his favor did it? now that is an article i wouldn't want to punch myself after reading. OBAMA SHOULDN'T DO TV INFOMERCIAL BECAUSE ROSS PEROT DID. i'd read and probably agree with that logic.

taking offense at Obama's tendency to go big is just about as stupid, and certainly as ignorant, as people who think he's a socialist muslim terrorist. the dude is not an elitist, and people who can form cohesive thoughts ON THE SPOT in proper English aren't un-American.

it's frustrating because this all plays into the stupid America thing. why should we be proud of being stupid? why should we champion Palin because she uses "the people's language"? her populist BS is so dumb, and she's winning over the intellectually devoid.

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