Friday, October 31, 2008


so recently there have been a rash of master planned cities slated for development all over Dubai.  just pick a star architect and they've been attached in some form or another.  this building boom coincides with some serious infrastructure issues, a rapidly deflating housing bubble, and allegations that this boom is being built on the backs of a new slave class with no other options for work.  but that's all serious and boring right?

what really concerns me about this building boom of all of these non-connected mini cities is that as they are developed and continue to be insular developments one day there will be this huge city war in Dubai, a la Judge Dredd.  we'll have fighting breaking out when one green city launches an offensive at another over sewage rights and water usage rights.  some day the larger city of Dubai, and it's smaller green cities will all be reduced to rubble.  i thought of this because there was an article up at AMNP about how Dubai is the center of development for the future, and there are a ton of awesome ideas.  

"Seriously - expect sci-fi movies to be filming there, and for the rest of the world to be playing catch-up for 

can you imagine each city being ruled by it's architect overlords as they fight for dominance as the prominent and most certifiably green city? if someone's public transportation pod plan is better than your green walkways and interlinking tree canopy skyways why not just use an RPG and reduce their pod-rail system to dust? please make THIS the sci-fi concept for the movies we will be filiming there, or better yet, documentaries of the violence.  

all pictures courtesy of SOM Architecture.  

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