Thursday, October 23, 2008

so smart...

well once again i was put down by a weird flu/cold thing for a day this week. ever since i wrapped up a steroid pack to knock down my polyps i've gotten sick fortnightly. this of course kept me from making ever so important posts to the blog yesterday, and even kept me from work.

today, though, i am back at work and i have been trying to focus on drinking lots of hot tea. i also have on hand some ricola drops, and this spurred my genius idea for the week. i plopped a Ricola cough drop into my earl gray as it steeped and it's freaking awesome.

it's certainly 10000 times better than Thera-Flu, though consuming my own urine is better than Thera-Flu.

oh! speaking of not working yesterday, i found some time to whip up a quick pen and ink drawing for my bosses baby shower tonight. here's the image i came up with...

i am of course open for hire if you need a similar image done for you!

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