Tuesday, November 30, 2010

work work work

you might remember the bus ad i posted awhile back, well it was scrapped and this is it's replacement.

finally finished tweaking my Don Quixote titling. got rid of the dark red because it looked bad w/ a black background. the project was to design a title for the film version of whatever book we were assigned. the type was built from the ground up. spent a lot of time making it all work. hopefully if i get some free time i can build out the rest of the alphabet. had a lot of fun doing that.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Dear Comics,

Just because you CAN use a photoshop filter does not mean you should. As an example i took 5 min to change up the dress for Spider-Man Fever.

There are a ton of problems w the one i did, but reducing the amount of fonts and drop shadows and outerglows helps it read much better. With Chip Kidd, Tom Muller, Todd Klein, and Rian Hughes available, there isn't much of an excuse.

Comics have some great design going on. The recent Batwoman Elegy trade was gorgeous and had a ton of smart JH Williams III goodness happening. The problem is that Marvel and DC and countless other publishers are pumping out tons of other work that just seems to get slapped together which makes no sense because it doesn't help the cover art shine like it should.

Thankfully it seems the tide is turning, some of us just wish it would do so faster.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Turns out today is Draw Mr. T Day.

Go figure.