Monday, June 15, 2009


This is embarassing to do, but I need help. I entered a contest for an online game called Epic Pet Wars. They set up a design a pet contest through a third party fansite, and so i put up a couple entries.

One of them qualified for the finals, and here he is:


Anyway, if you get time please go to the site and vote for me!
Epic Pet War Room
I am losing second place to a really awful entry (given up on overtaking first) and the intense shame might ruin my life forever. So vote!

Srsly I'll hook you up with drawings for votes! Whatever... Not above selling out here.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Yesterday i dined on the company dollar, and was thusly able to order dessert. Half my dessert i kept so that i could eat it today. WELL i go into the fridge and what is missing? My dessert. I found the "evidence" in the garbage meaning it was eaten this morning RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE. I know someone didn't throw it out because there was a fork with key lime pie residue on it and most of the pie was gone.

Here is the note i left on the fridge:


click on the above pic or go here to read a really cool interview with the artist behind the "Two Tone" imagery.

via Creative Review


Was practicing off some tutorial with PS, and made this wallpaper for my computer.

(not that anyone has ever taken me up on the offer, but let me know if you want a copy. have high-res version avail)

Also... Doctor Voodoo:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


In case you had any hope that the disgruntled pony-tailed IT guy at your office is a dying breed, fear not. They are not going anywhere.

Gender Gap in Perception of Computer Science

What they found was that there is little race/ethnicity-based differences in how youth perceive CS but there are HUGE gender based differences in perception.

While 67% of all boys rated computer science as a "very good" or "good" career choice, only 9% of girls rated it "very good" and 17% as "good."
via Apophenia


Well... I can't say i am a HUGE baked beans fan, but this is so completely ridiculous looking i am sort of considering buying one.

Yes, that is indeed a miniature USB powered microwave oven. Yes, it IS specifically made for baked bean heating.

Beanzawave: The World's Smallest Microwave

via Boing Boing Gadgets


Friday, June 5, 2009


Ok so my cat Danny is so awesome i had to actually attempt to render that AWESOME in picture form.

If you want me to attempt this with a pet of yours let me know. I can try it out.


Made these for a contest over at Epic Pet Wars.

I'll let you know when to go vote for me!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Han Solo + Hawaii 5.0 opening = BEST EVER.

Go to Gizmodo and there is a second embedded video featuring this and then the real Magnum PI Opening side by side. Fantastic.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Hate Tourists!

Click on the above pic to go check out this awesome Flash visualization of the recently ran Indy 500. I am not a racing fan at all, but this is an awesome aggregation of information. Also it looks totally cool.

via Jalopnik.


I was debating how best to let everyone know i made a bad facial hair decision... and this seemed like the best way to do it.

I envision keeping this stache for a couple of days. It is hard to look at myself in the mirror and not laugh.

Don't... Don't.... Don't Believe the Hype.

Not sure how many of you were subject to this back in school, but man this video takes me back. Probably the best anti-piracy ad ever made. The veritable... "Don't Copy That Floppy". Featuring a hackneyed MC Hammer, incredible rhymes and an insanely high production budget this thing will blow you out of the freaking water.

My favorite outlandish claim, which i remember being suspect of even as a youth...

"one leads to another then ten then more. then no one buys any discs from the store so no one gets paid, and they can't make more. the posse breaks up and they close all the stores." (this one is repeated even more outlandishly shortly thereafter predicting the end of the Computer Age!!!!)

Ok maybe one more... "Let me break this down for you... No Carmen San Diego. No more Oregon Trail... Tetris and the others they are all going to fail!"

I am almost 100% sure this informed the Simpsons writers who came up with MC Caution and the Safety Crew.

Also... WTF they are making another one?? DCT2 Trailer

I find it hard to believe that trailer link above is actually real. Anyway video was found courtesy of the Iron Will Blog by fantastic illustrator Vasilis Lolos.

Monday, June 1, 2009


I have just figured out how to revitalize every ailing American industry... impose Canon's tyrannical employee behavior policies.


Employees are barred from sitting, and have to walk a certain pace in halls or alarms go off warning them of their own laziness and ineptitude at being efficient while walking.

More at Danny Choo's blog. You should go there to read what that blue sign on the ground says.

Via Gizmodo.


This video needs no real introduction... just watch and be amazed at how awesome it is.

p.s. have a hard time believing this is a real animal.

You're a Haughty One Saucy Jack...

just FYI... Spinal Tap have released the long awaited single "Saucy Jack" from their magnum opus Jack the Ripper musical.

Download it at the site...

via Boing Boing.