Thursday, October 16, 2008

nerd nerd nerd

now i wouldn't consider myself to be a big Star Trek geek... it's definitely one of my nerd deficiencies.  i used to be a pretty regular watch of Next Generation, and i even went so far as to watch a bit of DS9 and Voyager (shudder).  ok, wait this isn't sounding like much of a denial now.  

anyway... a couple new movie stills have been released, and i have to admit i am actually pretty excited to see this flick now.


plus the cast... Karl Urban, John Cho, AND Simon Pegg? Also the bad guy is apparently Eric Bana?? i do remain somewhat skeptical because i hate Sylar, though his wooden acting will probably help his Spock, and good luck to the dude playing Kirk. talk about a mountain of expectations.

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