Wednesday, October 8, 2008

no seriously.

so the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is out now. thankfully it is chock full of ridiculous things that ridiculous people will probably buy, but the rest of us can marvel at their actual existence. for instance, how about this for a mere 1500 dollars?


"A teddy by any other name isn't nearly as tempting as having your own miniature Lagerfeld. The modern maestro, known for his exquisite brilliance the world over, has created an impeccable "uniform" he himself has donned for years. Karl the Bear, ours exclusively from Steiff®, arrives adorably dressed in an exact haute couture replica uniform created in the Parisian studios of the great couturier. Exact in every detail, from the Lagerfeld Eye wear aviators, Italian wool jacket, poplin shirt with trompe l'oeil buttoning, and black silk tie with Swarovski® crystal tie tack to the black leather belt with crystal KL buckle, lacquered jeans from the K Karl Lagerfeld collection, and the tailor made boots. Karl (the Bear, not the iconic designer) is available in limited edition, stands 14.5"H, and is handcrafted of fine alpaca, with pivoting joints, so you can pose him any place you please. He arrives in a luxurious gift box with its own black Plexiglas® podium and certificate of authenticity."

i would also take the time to check out these:
-one of the old Texas stadium endzones complete with a trip to the last game, photos with ol' Jerry Jones, and a party at your house to celebrate the installation (which the cost is not included-not that it makes much difference to whoever buys this) with the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders!
- every 45rpm record from the Billboard Top 100 Rock and Pop Charts from the 50s-90s. only 275,000 dollars, but why not. also shipping is not included, that will only be another 25,000 dollars or something.

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