Tuesday, October 28, 2008

must... go... to.... Times Square...

so the future is here now. not the future Uniqlo promised that was robot shopping assistants, those are totally dumb and don't work.

no no... they are promoting their new heat-tech clothing line by giving it away with MIMES. FUTURE MIMES.

"Basically we’re going to have two mimes. A male and a female mime inside the machine. And the public can see them through glass. When you get there, we’re going to have Uniqlo reps dressed in the silver bodysuits. And they’re going to hold a thermograph scanner — think of an airport security machine. The thermographer identifies cold spots in your body. After you go through that, you go to the vending machine and push a button and the mimes are going to do a synchronized choreographed routine and then your outfit comes out."

this is happening in Times Square, and i have to get a plane ticket to be there for it.

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