Thursday, October 30, 2008

flare ups!

so Keith Knight, a cartoonist, has caused a small uproar by the publishing of one of his comic strips. the strip is about the experiences of an Obama volunteer going door to door. well it also happens to be about the usage of a very controversial word.

Now to me, this is a huge uproar over nothing.  apparently this is based on a true story, and if that is the case this is a story that needs to be told. we need to stop banning stories that we just don't like.

people in America like to think that stuff like this doesn't happen, and that racism doesn't exist anymore, but anyone who's spent time living in a lot of different parts of the country realizes that is totally false.  

this is a historic election, and stories like this need to be told because they show WHY this election is so important.  i can't believe people are calling for apologies over this.

speaking of the election, the 30 min infomercial last night was awesome and really well done. i really believe that it hit home with a lot of independent voters who are only listening to McCain's ads. i am hoping that being confronted with Obama saying he will NOT raise their taxes will cause them to think a little bit about their decision. plus i was totally stoked with what Obama said about education reform starting at home. truer words have not been spoken on education in a long time.

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