Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wot's Fer Lunch Mom?

so back in the 70s a bunch of really serious kids who took themselves pretty seriously, as teenagers do, started a revolution! they started up bands and preached about anarchy and nihilism and they did crazy things and wore crazier things.

punk was a slap in the face to the British establishment and it was an instant hit. you all know that story though. what you MAY not know is that during that time there was a band that forgot to take themselves seriously, and for this never quite hit it as big as the others.
"Like many of their contemporaries, The Shapes were amongst the first wave of bands that formed in the wake of the Great Swearing Incident of 1977. Whilst having the satisfying by product of terminating the career of the rather oily Bill Grundy, and launching that of those lovable moptops the Sex Pistols, it's quite hard to see in retrospect quite why hearing the word "fuck" would send an entire country into a paroxsym of self loathing and have questions asked in the House of Commons, as one could hear this same fine piece of Anglo Saxon just about everywhere one went in Britain."
go read their history, which is long, but incredibly funny and smart just like their music is. they also have a myspace page which has songs on it for you to hear and enjoy.

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