Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Healthy Candy!

we all have seen the studies that show that eating chocolate in reasonable amounts can be good for you. well one company has gone one step further. Barry-Callebaut, the world's largest chocolate manufacturer, has created some sort of mystical chocolate product that lowers cholesterol even more than regular ol' cocoa can.

to the press release:
Hans Vriens, Chief Innovation Officer at Barry Callebaut: “ACTICOA™ chocolate is the only chocolate in the world that contains so many cocoa flavanols. The unique production process of ACTICOA™ preserves the very best from the cocoa bean. Dark ACTICOA™ chocolate, for instance, contains three times as many antioxidants (cocoa flavanols) as standard dark chocolate. A small portion of 17g ACTICOA™ chocolate contains all the flavanols you need to maintain a healthy blood pressure. ACTICOA™ lets you look after your health in the most delicious way possible.”

now according to a Hershey press release (circa 2007), they have partnered with Barry-Callebaut to be supplied with 80,000 Tons of chocolate per year. Barry Callebaut will also be partnering, "on a wide range of research and development activities with a focus on driving innovation in new chocolate taste experiences, premium chocolate, health and wellness, ingredient research and optimization." according to the Hershey press release Barry-Callebaut's Social Responsibility program in order to facilitate a sustainable bean sourcing and cocoa trade.

so with Barry-Callebaut announcing this super cholesterol fighting chocolate, and their entwinement with Hershey, how long until we start getting commercials for this chocolate that is over the counter cholesterol medication?? so much for those cheerio commercials that show the dad eating cheerio's to lower his cholesterol, now he just has to eat chocolate bars!

any bets on if ACTICOA has the chalky bland chocolate styling of a Hershey bar? i'll stick with my good chocolate for the time being.


Anonymous said...

How many flavonals is 3 times as much? Great news!

They aren't the only one with this kind of healthy product. I've heard that MXI chocolate also has a patented process to maintain the flavonals

Jeremy Hughes said...

yeah i love mysterious press releases like this... they make words like flavenol, which is pretty foreign to most people a buzzword and it seems like it is REALLY important.

with MXI doing healthy chocolate soon the market will be flooded!

kind of makes you wonder if they'll figure out how to do this with the health benefits of red wine or something.