Tuesday, November 4, 2008


WFMU has a new music post up about things to check out. one of the bands is Dead Western which i went to their myspace to check out after deciding the description sounded pretty good.

i have to say, often times i go to myspace and just find myself totally non-enthused about what i find. this time though, a pleasant surprise!

the vocals are totally strange. WFMU described them as alien, but i didn't quite hear that. i tend to hate "alien" vocals. i really can't get into stuff like Devendra Barnhart or Joanna Newsom. it just doesn't interest me, and i find it offputting. i'll totally go for a weird voice, i mean i love Roison Murphy of Moloko. she has this totally weird voice that sounds really different, but she isn't forcing the point, it's her voice without additions.

anyway this is veering off the point.

the singers voice of Dead Western is really awesome. to me, he sounds like Boris Karloff the indie singer. best way i can describe it, and maybe that'll make sense when you listen to it. the music has this haunting quality to it, but i find it to be sort of sweet in a way. it wouldn't be a stretch to call the tracks i listened to sparse... but i really liked listening to them. it's slow, but there are definitely times i am looking for a chilled out indie rock type band to listen to while focusing on something or to have on in the background. some music like this can be pretty overindulgent and it gets a bit too reflective and plodding. i find that these tracks i heard really did strike a pretty good balance. anyway it's worth a listen, and i'll embed a youtube from the bands myspace page.

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