Friday, November 14, 2008


i found a job, i hope my wife is ready to move again.
Forming Apprentice Wheat Ridge, CO MillerCoors
Continuously improves and maintains the Individual Section (I.S.) Machine as well as runs on or above target level of productivity.
Maintaining includes functions such as swabbing mold equipment, inspecting containers, preventing defects, changing equipment and maintaining housekeeping.
Actively participates in timely shift communications between inspection, tooling, machine repair, etc. and informs upkeep’s and management of any process problems.
Assists in the replacement of variable equipment on the I.S. Machine when new parts are needed, such as hangers, baffles, blowheads, invert arms etc.

Required education: A high school diploma or GED is required.
Able to work in a high-pressure production environment.
Ability to work in a self managed team environment desireable.
1 to 2 years working with High Speed Machinery. (whatever this can't be that important)
Written and Oral Communication skills a must.
for 22 bucks an hour i'll go work in a beer factory. i can't smell!

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