Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Would Buy That...

so some of the major US swilleries have been producing aluminum bottles, and after having consumed swill out of them i have to say i was not totally put off by the packaging. taking a cue, not likely from the US beer manufacturers, a French company is packaging single servings of wine in aluminum bottles.

i have to say i am sort of into this idea. a good percentage of French wines are better than their US counterparts, including the low end ones. this has a lot to do with Europeans having a slightly more demanding palates and requiring slightly more out of their bargain basement drinks. at 4 dollars a pop it's not bad, especially because i just can't ever see myself cracking a bottle of wine and finishing it in one night. most preservation methods just don't seem to really keep it as good as the first time, and i usually just forget about the bottle in the fridge. i am pretty non-plussed with the package design itself, but it has that vague modern aesthetic that will appeal to people who drive hybrids and go hiking.

i would order some online, but i can't ship booze to TX. what a state!

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