Tuesday, November 11, 2008


interesting article from the NY Times about a town in CA that is 90% underwater on home mortgages. that's freaking staggering. check out the article: 

A Town Drowns in Debt as Home Values Plunge

what really caught me though about this article is this one quote:
He has cut his DVD buying from 50 a month to perhaps one, and is waiting until the Christmas sales to buy a high-definition television. He does not indulge much anymore in his hobbies of scuba diving and flying. “Best to wait for a better price, or do without,” Mr. Rogers, 52, said.
what on earth is someone doing buying 50 DVD's a MONTH? i'd suggest Netflix, but i think if you are buying that many DVD's a month there's got to be something the matter with you, and Netflix wouldn't make any sense as a reasonable suggestion.   how do you even get to the point where it makes sense to BUY 50 DVD's a month? you cannot possibly rewatch every DVD you own enough to make it fiscally make sense.  it doesn't even make sense on some sort of emotional, fun fiscally irresponsible shopping spree sort of way either!  there are not enough good movies out there to warrant buying that many a month.  the dude has to be watching a lot of bad horror movies and action flicks.  he probably has a hardcore porn habit.

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