Tuesday, November 4, 2008


so in case you weren't aware, Guitar Hero whipped up some new commercials with celebrities playing Guitar Hero. these ads are recreations of the well known Risky Business underwear lip sync. one ad features several pro athletes and the second features Heidi Klum in her underwear.

now this all seems pretty self explanatory, and to most people i would think these ads make sense on some level, and it's pretty obvious that they are parodies/homages to the original bit.

now let's turn to the blog Wiifanboy for some commentary on their posting about said ads... first the original post:

"When we were flipping around the channels and caught our first glimpse at the above Guitar Hero: World Tour commercial, we cringed at just how bad the whole thing was. With Kobe's terrible lip-syncing and A-Rod's inability to look like he has any rhythm, the whole thing came off as very forced to us. Kobe has probably never even heard of Bob Seger.

Past the break, you'll find the newest Guitar Hero: World Tour ad, which features Heidi Klum. What do supermodels do when playing Guitar Hero: World Tour? Apparently, they strip then have an epileptic seizure on the couch."

my favorite reactions!

11-04-2008 @ 12:38PM
Scotty said...
No one makes me want to play guitar quite like pro athletes.

Maybe they should use Eddie Van Halen to sell me a sports drink next.

11-04-2008 @ 12:43PM
Suichimo said...
The top video where they are playing "Old Time Rock and Roll" is a parody of a scene from one of Tom Cruise's movies where he is dancing to the same song:


11-04-2008 @ 12:56PM
Kai Cherry said...
Yeah, obviously the demographic for this commercial (and, really, the Wii I'm starting to believe) is NOT NWiifanboy bloggers.

Every *old* person I showed this to (this being defined as in High School durning the 1980's...as opposed to born then) cracked up laughing :)

i love it when nerds miss the point. also lol@ the old people comment. "man those crazy old people and their laughing at stupid things!" how did these people miss the culture train so badly? how can you just totally miss the point of something like this? weird.

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