Wednesday, November 12, 2008


so for whatever reason i have been cobbling together a compilation of some of my favorite anime themes. "Nerd City!" you might be thinking... but well my tastes trend more towards the early stuff, mostly 60s and 70s giant robot stuff for the most part. i mean if someone turns into a huge being of some sort then it's cool with me. anyway the old beat rock meets sci-fi intros and some of the 70s disco europop style themes are totally some of my favorites. i hope to soon get enough together that i like and assemble them into CD form and whip up some sort of fancy vessel to put them in and send them out to people who want them! so let me know if you'd be interested!

totally illegal i know, but none of this stuff is being imported to America AT ALL, and it's impossible to find legally, so whatever. this is a gray area like a lot of the manga torrenters who are putting the good stuff online rather than the tween targeted BS.

here are a few videos to close out video theme day (not on purpose, but i'll run with that). call it a preview!

love the chorus on this one:

Jeeg, which is embedded below is particularly freaking weird. love the giant robot head, it reminds me of Zardoz.

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