Monday, November 3, 2008

just another reason...

image courtesy of Charlotte Observer

Halloween ends in tragedy for 12-year-old S.C. boy
"SUMTER, S.C. Seeing masked people outside, a Sumter man opened fire with an assault rifle through his closed front door, killing a 12-year-old boy who was trick-or-treating on Halloween.

The boy’s father and brother were wounded in the Friday night shooting."

guns are so awesome. as an American, and now a resident of TX i am very excited about our ability, no, FREEDOM to own guns as we please. the rash of gun shows that sell illegal weapons is hardly the problem people make it out to be. i feel like automatic weapons should be in the hands of every child, woman, and man in America. if we all have guns, we are just exercising our rights and being AMERICANS. now that'd be a safe world where there is no violence because everyone knows that gun ownership is one of the greatest safety systems ever. 

oh wait sorry gun ownership is retarded and nothing good has ever come from our populace being allowed to arm itself since the revolutionary war. how does an ex felon end up with an AK-47? stories like this are so frustrating because gun owners and guns rights advocates can't connect stories like this to gun ownership.  they can only think selfishly about how without gun rights how would they hunt? or they think about their glorious idea of how they'll be able to take down an intruder in their home when the time comes and play the hero.  reality isn't ever as great as they would like to think.  this is just another firearm related tragedy that'll be whisked off into oblivion.

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