Thursday, September 18, 2008

Times are tough....

In this current economic downturn we are all finding it hard to get by, and have to rethink how we are spending our money.  A lot of people have had to cutback on spending, finding out what is necessary, and what frivolous expenditures can really do to a household budget.  The downturn has affected not just the public but also businesses.   Some of the hardest hit companies are those who rely heavily on transportation to power their business.  Shipping on container vessels has been cut back by Asia with the lack of American's buying imported products, and many American trucking companies are finding that they are having to consolidate loads, cut back on trips, and increase prices due to high fuel costs.  This economy is finding a way to effect us all... from Sally and Joe homeowner, to some of the largest global finance companies, and even cocaine dealers.  

"SEPTEMBER 18--Spiraling gas prices led an Indiana drug dealer to levy a fuel oil surcharge on customers purchasing cocaine, according to investigators. Anthony Salinas, 18, tacked on the gasoline surcharge when he sold a confidential police source coke on two occasions in June. While arranging one buy, Salinas told the source that a quarter-ounce of cocaine would cost $240--$215 for the drug itself and "$25.00 for gas money to deliver the cocaine," according to the court affidavit, a copy of which you'll find below. Salinas, a Hammond resident, was named last week in a two-count felony information charging him with "dealing in cocaine." (4 pages)"

This glorious story is from The Smoking Gun, and if you have time i suggest going to read the police reports.

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