Thursday, December 4, 2008

This Blog Post Courtesy of Stove Top:

so my friend Nick sends me a link to this NY Times article about revolutionary advertising methods going out into the world. well in Chicago Stove Top is going to pay to heat selected bus stops throughout the city. this is immersing you in the sensation produced by whatever is being sold apparently.

"From Tuesday through the end of this month, Kraft is arranging for the company that builds and maintains the bus shelters, JCDecaux North America, to heat them, trying to bring to life the warm feeling that consumers get when they eat stuffing, according to Kraft."

i love that the shelter company who runs these things doesn't heat them most of the time even though they could. so the warmth of eating Stovetop (yeah i don't really get that part so much) permeates your being as you sit under this heated bus stop. i can't think of anyone i know who'd associate Stovetop with warmth or comfort. personally i tend to associate it with being totally freaking poor and eating it for dinner in college.

“In these hard times, when people are eating more at home,” he added, there is “a great opportunity to introduce our brands to people in a new way.”

fantastic... and speaking of that, they'll be passing out single serving Stovetop QUICK CUPS. barf.

now if they can only keep these bus stops free of homeless people who are trying not to die in the winter it might just be a successful marketing scheme, though again, i doubt anyone is going to associate the heat with the product and go buy the product to recreate the effect they felt when they saw the ad. that won't happen because it is STOVETOP.

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