Monday, December 8, 2008

Hassan Kussein

[10:15] Ty: i couldn't find any jams or op stuff this weekend
[10:15] flyingovertrout: ha ha ha ha
[10:15] flyingovertrout: ebay dude
[10:17] Ty: i dont want to wait for it to be 1992!
[10:17] Ty: i want to read Youngblood now!
[10:17] flyingovertrout: ha ha ha ah
[10:17] flyingovertrout: Hussan Kussein
[10:20] Ty: did he think saddam was going to sue?
[10:21] flyingovertrout: yeah i loved that
[10:21] flyingovertrout: well it's sort of his MO you know... taking a well known concept or person or character and just SLIGHTLY altering their personage
[10:21] Ty: hahahaa
[10:26] flyingovertrout: my only thing was... where were the ridiculous shoulder pads on Kussein
[10:26] flyingovertrout: totally lacking
[10:29] Ty: he did have that awesome robot body guard
[10:31] flyingovertrout: OHHHH
[10:32] flyingovertrout: yeah but dude that robot guard was dispatched pretty easily
[10:32] flyingovertrout: very ineffective
[10:32] flyingovertrout: if i am paying for a robot guard i would like him to protect my head from being exploded from the inside
[10:32] Ty: i bet third world despots often have giant robot guards
[10:33] flyingovertrout: likely
[10:33] flyingovertrout: the real saddam's was made of marble and gold plating
[10:33] flyingovertrout: plus he had a mural of hot babes airbrushed on his back
[10:33] Ty: hahahaa

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