Monday, July 6, 2009


So much for going to the gym to work out... modern fashion and science have solved my problems!

Actual copy from the product site:
Compression garments have long been a staple in athletes’ locker rooms and RIPT FUSION applies the same concept now to men’s fashion. Compacting the abdomen and back creates a flatter silhouette under clothes, and the support offers other significant benefits, such as better posture and a greater sense of security. Because if he feels better, he looks better!


Gigger said...

So is this spanx for men? "Double -- no, triple Spanx!" -Liz Lemon

Jeremy Hughes said...

exactly. what is sad, this will likely be purchased by some really stupid shallow dudes. most likely located in New Jersey and LA.

ross alderdice said...

Hi, just got my Rip-T top and i am very pleased with it indeed. Really does do as it claims so really cant complain. If you are like me and live in the uk and dont want to buy these from usa and have the possible hassle of customs charges and lengthy depatch time then i would suggest trying this website that i found > << I found them to be very helpful with size enquiries and i got my item very quickly.