Thursday, July 2, 2009


The blogosphere is all a twitter about a recently created oil company partnership. Gazprom, the Russian oil firm has teamed up with the Nigerian govt owned NNPC and it is their NAME that is causing the uproar.

"A marketing blunder in Nigeria has got online communities all of a twitter, after a joint oil and gas venture with Russia was named Nigaz.
Russia's Gazprom and Nigeria's state-operated NNPC formed the company - pronounced "nye-gaz" - last week."
The Nigerian news hasn't even picked up the story. It seems like this would be horribly offensive, unless you understand that Russians and Nigerians pronounce things differently than we do in America. This all makes me wonder why on earth the BBC is reporting at all about twitter response to something. TWITTER IS NOT A NEWS SOURCE. Hell, even the subject matter expert in the article blows off the story.

story at BBC.

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