Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Don't... Don't.... Don't Believe the Hype.

Not sure how many of you were subject to this back in school, but man this video takes me back. Probably the best anti-piracy ad ever made. The veritable... "Don't Copy That Floppy". Featuring a hackneyed MC Hammer, incredible rhymes and an insanely high production budget this thing will blow you out of the freaking water.

My favorite outlandish claim, which i remember being suspect of even as a youth...

"one leads to another then ten then more. then no one buys any discs from the store so no one gets paid, and they can't make more. the posse breaks up and they close all the stores." (this one is repeated even more outlandishly shortly thereafter predicting the end of the Computer Age!!!!)

Ok maybe one more... "Let me break this down for you... No Carmen San Diego. No more Oregon Trail... Tetris and the others they are all going to fail!"

I am almost 100% sure this informed the Simpsons writers who came up with MC Caution and the Safety Crew.

Also... WTF they are making another one?? DCT2 Trailer

I find it hard to believe that trailer link above is actually real. Anyway video was found courtesy of the Iron Will Blog by fantastic illustrator Vasilis Lolos.

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