Thursday, December 17, 2009


messing around with logos... nothing new here, just practicing. is it readable?

also this was my revised version of the poster... if anyone was interested.

btw i did reduce the sponsor logos in the final version (they are large here). thanks for all the input guys!


cate said...

Hey, I like how your poster turned out! On the logo, all I'm getting is the ten part, but I like the type design - very popular right now. If you haven't seen it before check out: There are some people doing similar work.

Jeremy Hughes said...

thanks cate!

also those logos are LSI and then TEN they are seperate just in the same style.

they are seperate companies under the same umbrella which is weird in many ways. anyway right now their logos totally suck a lot and so i was just messing around with a sort of cohesive brand identity for the company.

typeinspire was awesome and it totally gave me a great idea to rip off for my holiday card i am sending to my family. i'll put up the text i manipulated after i get them all sent out.

p.s. we need to hangout soon!